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3 Spectacular Sativa Strains For This Summer

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Indica, Hybrid or Sativa? Herbal Grasslands has a wonderful variety, but we have a special place in our hearts for Sativas. Usually much more energetic than other varieties, these strains are great for a day smoke, whether walking or working on a passion project. But what are the best Sativas to buy? Here’s a handy guide for a few of …


Unique Karma Prerolls For A Hot Day

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Hot days are coming, and we are ready with our quality pre rolls. Karma farms produces great strains for the cannabis connoisseur that are just as potent and enjoyable for the beginner. Our pre rolls are amazing for almost anywhere, including your next soak in the bath, a walk, or even just as a relaxing end to your day. But which …


Love Indicas? Check out these three strains at Herbal Grasslands

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Flower at our Salem location is always enjoyable- whether Sativa, Hybrid, or otherwise. However, many OMMP members have a preference for Indicas, as they provide a significant body high which helps with pain, nausea and anxiety. Indicas also come in a variety of colors- the famed purple buds of some providing a deep berry flavor that matches the feeling of …


Nature Walks, Silver Falls, and Herbal Grasslands

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For those of you who have never been to Silver Falls here in Salem, Oregon- you are missing a real treat. The Trail of Ten Falls in particular offers, as the name suggests, a spectacular view of ten different waterfalls. An 8.7 mile loops, this hike can also be shortened by taking an alternate trail- you can easily cut a …


Three Edibles To Stock Up On This Winter

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Looking for something new to brighten these dark, cold, snowy days? Our quality edibles are a great option for pain, anxiety, and taking the edge off the seasonal blues. But what to choose among the many options available at our Salem, Oregon dispensary? Here are three of our favorite products that our customers have raved about, and returned for time …


How New Testing Standards Are Costing Oregonians Jobs

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When the State of Oregon began an initiative to begin stringently testing cannabis products for pesticide use in October 2016, most in the industry saw it as a welcome development. After all, pesticide use is a hot and highly controversial topic for every segment of agriculture, from growing corn crops to cotton—resolving the issue for the cannabis industry just makes …


Abiqua Falls: A Hike To Remember For The Experienced Adventurer

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Finding a good hike for the fall season can be hard. Moisture, the elements and erosion can change a usually hospitable hike into a misadventure. But, let’s say you are all packed with an emergency kit and other smart survival gear such as provisions, water, rope and otherwise. You have even read about the weather conditions in Salem, and now …


Three Ways The Oregon Cannabis Industry Contributes To Society

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Before widespread decriminalization took place, one of the more pressing questions proposed by the state legislature was: Does cannabis have a place as a productive industry sector in Oregon society? What would be the broader implications of taking the state down the road of legalization? These questions can be conclusively answered now that recreational marijuana is widely available and, perhaps surprisingly …


Grand Re Opening August 25-27th!

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We’ve re-modeled our location with tons more open space and rebranded to fit the new look. To celebrate we’re hosting a 3-day Re-Brand Opening event Aug 25th – 27th! We will be running specials all three days with lots of give-a-ways! Here are the deals August 25th – 27th (While Supplies Last!) And we’re even hosting a free concert on …


The Golden Rule of Cannabis: Know Thyself

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With medical marijuana already an established phenomenon and recreational cannabis use legal on the state level in many parts of the country, many people are enjoying their first exposure to cannabis culture. A critical part of this culture revolves around the different types of cannabis products commonly found in modern dispensaries—the enthusiast is no longer limited to smoking joints out …