About Us

Opened its doors march 1st, 2014 as a medical marijuana dispensary and have since began selling to recreational customers as well. We have a commitment to be above board and transparent at all times with all laws and compliance issues, and any ethical concerns. These goals are constantly being perfected as we follow all new regulations implemented by the state and our local government. We strive to be a good neighbor to our local businesses and local community. We are a husband and wife team, with great family support and employees.

Our goal is to make the young, elderly, and everyone in between feel comfortable and safe when they walk through our doors.

We make sure you know how to use all our products correctly before you leave our store.

The miracles we have seen with this plant are what keep us going strong, keep the desire to constantly improve our knowledge, and to support its future.

Herbal Grasslands is quickly becoming world famous as customers from all over the world have heard of us and come and visit when they are in Salem.

  • Abundance of Products

    We offer a full line of products including, but not limited to, flower, concentrates, clones, CBD items, seeds, accessories, etc.

  • Expert Assistance

    Our talented budtenders will help you find the product that best suits your needs.

  • Comfort

    We set up our shop with the intentions of making the atmosphere as comfortable as possible for our patients and guests.

  • Locally Owned

    Herbal Grasslands is locally owned by a husband and wife team. Read more about the duo below!

Meet The Owners

Mark Cusick
Co-Owner/Managing Member/PRF

Prior to opening herbal grasslands, I was in the banking industry for 30 years and a realtor business since 2008. It was time to move in another direction. I’ve never had so much fun and so much frustration all at the same time as i have in this business. Though I wouldn’t change any of it. The lives I have seen changed from the use of this great plant has made the struggles all worthwhile.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”Albert Einstein

Cindy Cusick
Co-Owner/Managing Member

Prior to our endeavors in the cannabis industry, i was a court reporter for 28 years, and then worked at Salem hospital as a medical office assistant for 10 years. I originally started growing medically for my niece, that without cannabis in her life, she would have failed to survive years ago. She is a diabetic, and the majority of her organs have come close to shutting down. Thanks to this wonderful plant, it helps her with extreme nausea and stimulates her appetite so that she can thrive and enjoy the time that she has left. My goal is to help every single person find what they need to help them accomplish their medical or recreational needs.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”Helen Keller

Meet The Team

We currently have four employees and two managing members. All of our employees excel in customer service, and we are amazed at their desire and ability to learn all the changes that have gone on in this industry, and to help educate the public, as well as care so deeply and sincerely for our patients.

Kenzie (KJ) Eide

Connie Bonner

David Leverenz


Homie the Frog is our store mascot. He came to live at Herbal Grasslands in August of 2015. He came in on a clone and lived amongst the clones for 5 months, but we were afraid we would sell him on one of the clones, so he now lives in a luxurious terrarium, which includes a full swimming pool and a jungle gym for daily swims and workouts. He also gets a daily bath and is visited by people from around the world. Homie is becoming as famous as Herbal Grasslands.


I have been blessed to be able to fulfill my passion of cannabis and continue to explore it’s many miracles. I find it refreshing to be able to educate and help all individuals, medical or recreational, with their specific needs and/or wants. Cannabis is a huge game changer in the world today; for the better of humanity; love peace and weed.

Aaron Conklin

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