Edibles To Elevate Your Thanksgiving

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The holidays are a great time to reconnect with friends and family. But, As the cold season comes on and the days turn to constant overcast, the transition can leave many feeling irritable, nauseated, and burnt out. Here at Herbal Grasslands, we have many edibles to help relax away the holidays and enjoy any day between now and the faraway spring. With Thanksgiving coming soon it can be hard to choose what will best elevate the holiday. Here are our three favorite edibles for this season to encourage the appetite and soothe the effects of an overfull stomach.

Berry Down 1:1 Beaucoup

This 1:1 Berry flavored hard candy edible is made with real fruit puree. It is delicious and excellent for soothing away holiday stress. With an even mixture of CBD and THC, the body-mind buzz reaches a perfect balance in effects, enhancing the turkey torpid feelings of the holiday. This edible is unique in that there are natural terpenes added to supplement the effects of this relaxing edible, encouraging the entourage effect. One of the terpenes included is Myrcene which naturally occurs in mangoes and hops. In combination with the other cannabinoids present, this greatly increases the sedative effects. 

Gron Dark Chocolate Caramels

Gron edibles have been around since the beginning of recreational cannabis in Oregon. These fine chocolate edibles are consistently delicious, the smooth flavor just as satisfying as the “snap” of the well-tempered chocolate. Our Gron Dark Chocolate Caramels have a delicious filling, and a subtle cannabis flavor that enhances the experience. Just snap off a small piece to have a balanced hybrid experience that lifts the mind while also delivering a substantial body-buzz. With 50mg THC per edible, it’s perfect for a beginner or those with lower-tolerances for THC, as it is easy to divide into bite-sized treats. 

Wyld Huckleberry Hybrid Gummy

Wyld’s gummies have a soft, pleasing bite and potent effects for the user. Those with a sweet tooth will really appreciate the vibrant huckleberry flavors of this hybrid edible, made with real fruit. Also included in this craft edible is a balanced terpene profile meant to enhance a cheerful demeanor and euphoric experience. These would be great to take before your feast, or to connect more evenly with even the most grumpy relatives. It can also be ingested as a second dessert after the holiday meal to extend your energy into the evening and relax into the night.

What’s your favorite edible for the holidays? Let us know on Facebook, or come say hello at our Salem, Oregon dispensary location.