Seeing Blue

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Autumn is coming on fast, the changing leaves and grey skies becoming more common, the blue sky of summer fading more each week. With this in mind, it’s a great time to stock up on blue strains, bringing that clear-sky euphoria into even the most overcast and drizzly day. Check out our top three budtender favorites below, and enjoy a relaxing autumn transition of body and mind.

Blue Magoo

A hybrid pairing of DJ Short Blueberry and Major League Bud, this fruity, smooth classic is sure to bring some sunshine to your day. Blue Magoo relaxes away body discomfort, nausea and tension, as well as supplying an energetic kick. The potent blueberry flavor will leave the experienced user coming back for more, a sweet treat for any time. Perfect for newcomers and OMMP alike, we highly recommend this strain for any patron who is looking for a laid-back experience.

Blue Steel

A cross of Blueberry OG and The Cube, Blue Steel is known for its fluffy buds. This Indica-dominant hybrid uplifts the user with just a few puffs of fine flower. Blueberry and earthy terpenes complement the calm relaxation that comes on with further consumption. This strain is great for increasing appetite, as well as taking the air out of chronic pain and stress, whether for recreational or medical consumers. Try Blue Steel for a hazy, happy end to the day; combating insomnia.

Blue Thunder

This Indica-dominant hybrid is perfect for those looking for a more body heavy strain. Alleviating insomnia, pain and even taking the air out of depression, this strain is great for many conditions, delivering a cerebral uplift along with its powerful body effects. It also has a unique combination of terpenes, the aroma of pine nuts and floral notes enticing the user before the first puff. This strain is an OMMP favorite, the peaceful state of mind attained most akin to a lazy summer evening.

What are your favorite blue strains? Let us know on Facebook or come say hello at our location in Salem, Oregon. Our budtenders would be happy to help find what strain works best for your needs.