Best Pre-Rolls for Summer

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Summer in Salem, Oregon means starting, in spurts, to say goodbye to those storm clouds and overcast skies and say hello to the most perfect weather in the country. Whether you are outdoors hiking, or just enjoying the changing seasons from your own front porch, summer can be a great time to elevate with one of our quality pre-rolls. But which one of our fine selections to choose? Check out our budtender favorites below.

5th Element- Grown Rogue 28% THC

If you are looking for a strong-hitting Indica, look no further. This pre-roll has potent body effects, with earthy, lemony terpenes. Just as powerful are the cerebral effects which open up to an energetic euphoria that is sure to brighten up the last of the overcast days this spring. Medical patients have reported effects such as stress relief, relaxation and reduction of pain and inflammation. All of this in the small package of one of our most smooth and potent pre-rolls. 

9lb Hammer- Mill Creek 24.7% THC

This incredibly heavy strain hits just as the name suggests, imbuing the entire body with relaxation. The strain is classic in it’s taste, the piney, forest floor notes hitting you first before the more fruity notes. Great for a sedative effect for nighttime, this will get you where you need to go in terms of torpid relaxation. OMMP patients report a decrease in stress, pain and inflammation as well as a more restful nights sleep from this strain. We highly recommend it to prepare the night before for your next summer hike!

ACDC- Revel Farms 0.63% THC 20.84% CBD

Our favorite CBD-rich pre-roll, this is a great option for those looking for relaxation without the head high. The uplifting, happy effects on the mind are just as pleasant as the percolating body effects, dissolving tension. The cherry-diesel, very complex flavor is unique, and a treat for the senses, the pre-roll a great vehicle for this fine flower. Medical patients find this strain calming and useful for relieving symptoms for a variety of conditions. It’s great for any time of day you are looking to elevate to a cool, focused calm. 

What’s your favorite kind of pre-roll? Let us know at out cannabis dispensary in Salem, Oregon, or stop by our Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you.