Three Best Indica Hybrids For Spring

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Indica hybrid strains are perfect for this time of year when the weather is still mellow, the skies are overcast and you just want to relax into spring on your back porch. With all of the beauty here in Salem, Oregon, they are also a great way to end the day after a strenuous hike. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of some of our tasty flower to soothe both sore muscles and bring the mind to a more elevated state. 

Golden Pineapple THC: 23.4% CBD: 0.5%

Golden Pineapple is not a strain that is easily forgotten. A customer and OMMP favorite, we find fans of this flower keep returning for their staple strain time and time again. This more energetic indica hybrid has a tropical-citrus nose, just as the name suggests. Golden Pineapple has an uptick of energy that is incredible for getting through the day with a euphoric, upbeat outlook. Orange hairs are prominent on triangular, airy buds that pack a real THC punch. Both relaxing and cerebral, this strain is perfect for beginning to mid-day, or any time where you might otherwise reach for a cup of coffee. 

Blue Thunder THC: 8% CBD: 10.6%

This hybrid, in contrast to the others in this blog, is a CBD-rich strain that delivers an excellent body buzz without significantly impairing the mental faculties. This is because CBD is a cannabinoid that can impact the body without the more mind-altering effects of THC.This blueberry, nutty-flavored strain helps take the air out of the spring blues and reduces the sensations of inflammation and muscle tightness in the body. You might be surprised by these beautiful and unique buds, so covered with orange hairs they appear to be on fire. 

Head Cheese THC: 24.5% CBD: 0.1%

Want something a little different to enjoy? Head cheese is just the strain for you. A pungent, relaxed strain, Head Cheese is as unique as the name suggests. The earthy, cheese flavors lead to a hunger for gooey, crunchy snacks to pair it with. These light green, thick buds crumble easily while maintaining a sweet stickiness. A refreshing smoothness combines with the piney back taste of this strain. Creativity is greatly enhanced, the euphoric head high allowing a slow enjoyment of the bowl and your process. 

What are your favorite strains? Let us know on Facebook, or come say hello at our Salem, Oregon dispensary location.