Hot Summer Sativas

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Summer is the season of waking up again, of moving those rusty joints and bones, stretching muscles and exploring the outdoors. With this in mind you have likely drawn up plans for camping, hiking, or generally enjoying the sun in Salem, Oregon. Certain things enhance this experience, such as cold drinks and light foods that help keep you going even in a heat wave. But what cannabis would you pair with these fine frivolities? Here are some of our budtender favorites; tasty sativas to accompany the lighthearted mood of the season.

Chicken Shit – Hoodview Cannabis THC: 18.2%

One of our newest strains, Chicken Shit, is actually quite lovely. It inspires giggles, and has a piney, peppery nature with bushy buds that please the eyes. Great for pain and nausea, this strain is particularly fun for beginners, with enough THC to pack a punch without leaving you spinning. Great for a relaxing day high that will keep you moving, you might try it on your next walk, enjoying the way this strain enhances nature and encourages a balanced state of mind.

Blue Pineapple Chunk – Omega Blends THC: 30%

Take a trip to Hawaiian beaches with this incredible summer strain. The taste is reminiscent of drinking a Pina Colada after a long day in the sun, with a distinctly tropical pineapple flavor. Complemented by skunk, this happy relaxing strain is sure to ease any troubles away. The sweet flavors are matched by a surprising smoothness, the light colored, trichome-rich fluffy buds a delight to crumble with your fingers. Whether you are lying in the sun or simply relaxing at home, this potent strain is a treat.

Hawaiian – Pharmer’s Market THC: 23.9%

This Sativa-dominant hybrid is as pure a sativa as you can get, the effects felt predominantly in the head. The tropical citrus profiles hit the spot and bring on the thirst for something cool and refreshing. Those suffering from a low mood or energy would be greatly benefited by this strain, which is a slice of sunshine. It can also help with focus, and continuing the momentum of creative projects, the light green, banana shaped buds inspiring from the onset.

What’s your favorite strain for summer? Let us know on Facebook, or ask for a custom recommendation at our dispensary in Salem, Oregon.