Cannabis Vacations

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So, you’ve marched into Herbal Grasslands, found your favorite strain or edible, and now you are wondering what to do next. You could go home, light up, and watch a movie with your loved ones (or by yourself), you could go out in nature (but use caution, the laws consider parks a public area), or you could go to a friends house, and enjoy the conversation. All of these things are fun, and great for the ordinary day.

But what if you want something better than ordinary? You might be surprised to discover that cannabis has become a major player in the tourism industry. From cannabis spas to tour packages, here are a few ways to make your elevated day even better. It may even turn into a cannabis vacation.

Cannabis friendly hotels/ bud and breakfasts.

There are quite a few cannabis friendly hotels in Oregon. The rules are different for each location, some hotels have specific smoking areas for cannabis, while others allow indoor and outdoor consumption. Imagine relaxing in a beautiful bathtub, smoking a pre-roll. If that doesn’t sound delightful to you, I don’t know what does. Especially after a long day of hiking. Imagine how amazing room service will taste then. Also, if you are more outdoorsy, there are Cannabis friendly campsites in many areas.

Cannabis Tours

There are several options for tours while elevated, but one of the most fun are touring bus services such as High 5 Tours. You will be able to tour various areas, consume off bus, and then jump on to go anywhere you’d like. Also, you can bring all your friends with you, making the experience even more fun. Tours are a great way to get out in nature, go camping, and stay elevated, even on your ride home. This service allows you to consume cannabis in several forms while traveling. Pretty cool, huh?

Cannabis Spas

There are several cannabis oriented spas in Oregon, keep in mind that topical products (ointments, lotions, etc) are available for medical and recreational customers alike. There are spas offering cannabis treatments to a wider pool of people than in the early days of legalization. Imagine being massaged with cannabis lotion so you can relax even more on your canna-vacation. Sounds pretty sweet to me.

What are you planning for your next cannabis vacation? Let us know on Facebook, we’d love to hear your thoughts, and the top spots you’ve found to enjoy cannabis.