Three Favorite Top Shelf Flowers

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At Herbal Grasslands our flower is carefully sourced, making our top shelf strains some of the best available in the Salem, Oregon area. But what are they like, and what will you choose? This can be hard to determine with so many great choices available. Check out these budtender favorites before you head into our cannabis dispensary, and enjoy your day in beautiful Oregon!

Head Cheese – Emerald Evolution- THC: 24.5%

Want something a little different to enjoy? Head cheese is just the strain for you. A pungent, relaxed strain, Head Cheese is as unique as the name suggests. The earthy, cheese flavors lead to a hunger for gooey, crunchy snacks to pair with. These light green, thick buds crumble easily while maintaining a sweet stickiness. A refreshing smoothness combines with the piney back taste of this strain. Creativity is greatly enhanced, the euphoric head high allowing a slow enjoyment of your process, and the bowl.

Northern Wreck- 45TH Parallel Farms- THC: 29.4%

Our Northern Wreck from 45TH Parallel Farms is a powerful strain for nighttime, and for projects that need a still place to work from. This strain elevates you with its evergreen forest scent into an easy euphoria, and brings you back down to soft earth. Northern Lights and Trainwreck come together to create this great Indica Hybrid, and is a favorite of our medical patients as well as cannabis connoisseurs. Watch this potent strain, as it creeps up on you, the full potency felt a short delay later. The forest green buds will win your heart, and draw you into your deeper nature.

9lb Hammer- Mill Creek- THC: 24.7%

9lb Hammer is a dense green surprise, wrapped in lime and sweet grape flavors. Relaxing the muscles and bringing much needed rest to even the most busy mind, 9lb Hammer hits you hard. With a gentle mental high, the body effects are potent and pain relieving. Sweet berry flavors pull you into summer even while we ride out this cold spring. For those who are into Kush, this strain will definitely perform to their standards. Nothing beats 9lb hammer for that full body high for a peaceful state of mind.

What’s your favorite flower at Herbal Grasslands? Let us know on Facebook, or come say hi at our Salem, Oregon cannabis dispensary.