Three Pre-rolls For a Portable Elevated Experience

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Here at Herbal Grasslands we pride ourselves on our premium pre-rolls. Constantly changing to meet the demand for these little pockets of experience, these pre-rolls are available for a limited time, and are incredibly unique. A terpene dense profile of fine ground flower, we expect that everyone from a beginner to a cannabis savvy connoisseur will enjoy our pre-rolls. Here are our favorite selections of the moment below.

Prayer Tower Pre-Roll 1g- OreKron
THC: 21.2mg

A citrusy wake and bake experience that will bring you higher- Prayer Tower rounds out with a carmelly smoothness.This fluffy flower is nestled inside the paper, perfectly packed for a slow burn, making the flower an experience to take your time and enjoy. With loving parents like Lemon Thai and Appalachia you can expect tasty, refreshing bud. Flavors of gas and pine come through, leaving a complex terpene profile that jolts your day into an energetic awareness.

White Widow Pre-Roll- Clone Bros
THC: 27.2mg CBD: 0.1mg

White Widow is a strong, relaxing experience for even the most experienced cannabis user. The berry laden background is super smooth. The earthy smell and flavors lend to a great nature walk experience, tying you back to the earth. The head euphoria matches the body high, making this strain great for focused creativity, a flow state easily accessible from the first hit. Prepare for a powerful experience, and keep this preroll on had for an enhanced, productive day.

Cornbread Pre-Roll- Clone Bros
THC: 19.27mg CBD: 0.13mg

Want something to enjoy before bedtime? Cornbread is just the pre-roll for you. Its heavy body effects make for amazing muscle relaxing properties. Lemony, earthy terpenes in this crossbreed of Katsu Bubba Kush and Rare Dankness #2 are outstanding and pungent. A happy high, the effects open up to a sleepy, relaxing feeling that makes any bed feel like a marshmallow. Alleviating nausea and stimulating appetite, this pre-roll is a medical patient favorite.

What’s your favorite pre-roll? Let us know on Facebook, or come say hi at our Salem, Oregon store.