First Dispensary Tips At Herbal Grasslands

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The Basics

You probably know these things already- but in a new situation, being prepared can be very comforting. To begin your experience, have an ID ready at the door, bring cash, or use an ATM at the dispensary. Also, check out the daily limits on concentrates, edibles and flower here. That will get you started, and help guide you smoothly and quickly through many a dispensary. Also, make sure to not to consume in public parks or anywhere publicly visible, as that is not legal in the state of Oregon.

What are you looking for?

What kind of effects do you want? Are you looking for something to sedate and amuse, help treat pain? Help you sleep? Give energy for the night? Have these things in mind before talking to a budtender for an easy way to make your choices. However, if you have no idea what you want, Herbal Grassland’s friendly budtenders will be happy to help along the way. Sativa, Indica, Hybrid? We’ll help navigate you through these choices. The differences can actually be very subtle, and our budtenders at Herbal Grasslands know just how to help.

Have an open mind

Your first time experiencing Cannabis may be frustrating, to say the least. It’s hard to know what exactly to look for till you experience a variety of products. For example, some people exclusively drink wine, beer or hard liquor, while other are less discriminating, drinking a variety depending on the mood. Flower, concentrates and edibles are just as different from each other, as are the different products within each category. For those who are more variety seeking, the plethora of options will continue to excite you, but for someone looking for consistency in their cannabis experience, it is important to remember it might take a little while to experiment, and find the right strains for you.

What was your first time at a dispensary like? Let us know on Facebook, or come say hi at our dispensary in Salem, Oregon. We’d love to hear your stories.