Green Gifts For Cannabis Enthusiasts

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It’s the holiday season, and who hasn’t thought how great it would be to have a few grams stashed in their stocking, conveniently close to the candy? So for those adults who enjoy cannabis, whether for recreation pleasure or for medical need, there is plenty to pick from. Herbal Grasslands offers unique green gifts, and a few options to consider for your list.


Know a grower or would be grower who would love a little plant to grow? We have several clones available to suit your needs. While we wouldn’t recommend putting it in the confines of a stocking- these beauties need no decoration but a bow. Our GG4 clones have potent genetics-the gassy, piney character evident in your finished product. This sativa dominant hybrid is sure to give the grower an energetic and euphoric experience. We also offer Skywalker OG clones! A favorite of our medical patients, this spicy strain has a great kick and makes for a smooth experience. The vibrant head effects soften over time and help with getting a good night’s sleep.

Pre-rolls and Flower To Share

Our Afghan Goo and Afghan Skunk pre-rolls are an amazing way to enjoy the holidays even more. Bringing a cool energy to the day, they are also a great way to relax in the evening- whether alone or otherwise. If you would like a few choice buds to go along with your pre-roll, you’re in just the right place. Our Northern Wreck, coming from 45th Parallel Farms is one of our most potent, coming in at over 29% THC, with a little CBD kick as well. This earthy strain will catapult the receiver into euphoric heights, so make sure they are well-versed in cannabis for this strain. Our Lemon OG from Dicot Farms is another solid choice, The citrus flavor leading to a delightful, balanced high. Coming in at over 22% THC, this strain is potent, but also user friendly for the rainy day smoker.

Do you have any cannabis gift ideas? Let us know on Facebook, we’d love to hear from you, or see you next time in Salem, Oregon- at Herbal Grasslands.