Beginners Guide To Our Dispensary

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Adults who have lived in Oregon for a while are likely to have visited a dispensary, and had the experience of choosing and purchasing their own quality cannabis. For the rest of us, especially visitors, going to a dispensary may seem like a surreal adventure. If you are wanting to get comfortable with the cannabis experience, Herbal Grasslands has you covered with a personal approach for our guests, educating as we go along. Want to know what that’s like before you come visit our cannabis dispensary in Salem, Oregon? Here are a few things to expect on your visit.

Bring your license or state ID, 21+ only.

At our dispensary, and any other in Oregon it is required to have your ID before entering your local cannabis dispensary. Having it ready before entering is common courtesy as well, saving a few awkward moments at the door, and helps ensure a smooth experience. After checking your ID, our friendly budtenders will enter you into our system and lead you into the main cannabis viewing area shortly. You may expect a short wait if we are very busy, but other than that, you’re in.

Quality Products

We offer a wide variety of cannabis infused and cannabis products for our customers. If you are looking for a traditional introduction to cannabis, and don’t mind smoking, cannabis flower is an excellent choice for a first-timer. Pre Rolls are easy to pick up for your first few hits, or pick up a few grams and a bowl for a souvenir to remember your first visit. Remember to start slow! We also offer edibles, concentrate pens and topicals. You might steer clear of concentrates for a first time, as they are much more potent than cannabis flower. Edibles are also a great option- start with five milligrams as a beginner. Edibles can take 2 hours to activate depending on how much food you’ve consumed that day. Not sure what to get? No problem! Our friendly budtenders are here to help.

Enjoy your cannabis, safely!

After exiting our Salem dispensary, you may be wondering where to indulge. If you’re an Oregon resident, the next step is as simple as going home. If you are visiting, and staying at a hotel or otherwise, things can get a little more complicated. Some hotels in Oregon are 420 friendly, while others will charge you a steep fee for lighting up in your room. The best rule of thumb is, if it isn’t private and isn’t yours, you probably can’t smoke there. Public consumption is also punishable with a fine and other less attractive consequences. So find a friend or local cannabis enthusiast to share this experience with, and start slow to begin with, only upping the amount of cannabis as you feel you can tolerate the dose.

Are you a beginner cannabis enthusiast? What was your first experience like? Let us know on Facebook- or tell us at your next stop at Herbal Grasslands in gorgeous Salem, Oregon.