Three Hikes To Elevate Your Cannabis Experience

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Let’s face it. Oregonians love hiking. And nothing goes together better than hiking and safe cannabis use. Here are five places less than 3 hours outside Portland that would be amazing for that day, or the weekend following. These are Herbal Grasslands personal favorites- speak with our budtenders to find what products work best for you and your plans. And remember, stay safe!

Cape Kiwanda:

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. And a third gorgeous for good measure. Unlike your ordinary beach, this place has beautiful sandstone cliffs, huge dunes, and sea caves! Also worth seeing are the tidal pools, full of bright green, blue and purple anemones. There are so many places to relax and take in the view. If you climb up the dune, you may be out of breath but the view is worth it. Take care though! Certain parts of this popular beach attraction may not be visible due to tide and erosion. Checking the tide before leaving is always a great way to go.

Silver Falls:

I know, I know. You’ve heard all about Silver Falls. You’ve heard about it till you’re sick of it. You may have even been there a time or two. But have you taken some of the longer trails? The Trail of Ten Falls is our favorite. You may especially enjoy reclining inside a cave area while watching a waterfall gush in front of you. Not far from our location, even a short hike is worth the trip- just to hear the rushing water and relax for a few moments.

Triangulation Peak:

This is a fairly short hike with a lot to see. There are lovely views of Jefferson, and exploring Boca Cave is particularly exciting. Looking out, it definitely feels like you are about to take a grand adventure from a fantasy novel. Don’t miss the views you’ll take away from this place, though the hike can be challenging to find. Make sure to bring an experienced navigator, and- gasp- maybe a paper atlas/ map. It will help when your signal dies out.

Each of these places has its own kind of beauty that demands to be celebrated (respectfully of course, no one likes litter.) If you decide to check these out, tell us all about it at our Salem, Oregon location. We’d love to hear your stories.