Three Powerful Select Elite Carts

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As recreational cannabis becomes more and more popular, a variety of cartridges have emerged. Selects carts are some of the best out there, their concentrates often very powerful as well as flavorful. A staff favorite, Select Elite takes it a step further, offering a co2 oil with even more potency. But which one should you pick up? Check out our selections below to help make the best purchasing decision for your needs.

9lb Hammer Cartridge – Select Elite THC: 87.5mg CBD: 0.3mg

This cartridge is just as heavy hitting as the name suggests- the ripples of relaxation spreading through your body almost instantly. The most potent cartridge on this list, you can expect a powerful, convenient dose whenever you need it. This cart performs well with our battery pens, and the CBD rounds out the high for a mellow finish. Earthy, delicious and inspiring, this concentrated cart with make for a productive, creative day.

Blue Dream Cartridge – Select Elite THC: 86.6mg CBD: 0.2mg

Blue dream is a popular sativa in the Northwest, but this select elite cart really takes the cake. The terpenes stand out, making for a great head high, and allowing for better focus and thinking around corners. If you’d like an uplifting, strong high for this autumn this is the one for you. Lovers of Blue Dream will fall in love all over again with this delicious concentrate, the vapor soft and thick.

Ghost Train Haze Cartridge – Select Elite THC: 86.6mg CBD: 0.2mg

This cart is one of our favorites, delivering a surprising amount of pain relief for a sativa concentrate. Incredibly useful for promoting appetite and lifting depression, this Ghost Train will work on you invisibly, dissolving deep tension in the muscles. The energetic feeling lasts, the piney, citrus taste taking you to the woods without ever leaving your doorstep. Try with forest bathing for an uplifting, spiritual high.

What are your favorite carts? Let us know on Facebook, or stop by our Salem, Oregon cannabis dispensary to check out our selections.