Three Reasons To Visit Herbal Grasslands This Eclipse

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With the Eclipse beginning soon, plenty of folks will want to stock up on cannabis favorites, camping gear and food for their adventure. At Herbal Grasslands, we are excited to share this experience with the rest of Oregon, and to share our knowledge at our Salem, Oregon location. So whether you are planning to gaze at the skies with your eclipse glasses, or simply take a hike and avoid the masses, here our three reasons you should stop by our dispensary on the way.

Our Fantastic Flower

Our top quality flower comes in a mix of exciting terpene varieties, making a custom high for your weekend. Whether you are looking for our Afgoo to relax your day or some Blue Dream to keep up the calm energy, we have a variety of flower to satisfy even the most choosy cannabis connoisseur. Remember, choosing the right flower for you means using your nose to find what appeals to your senses the most. Some of our patrons enjoy our piney, gassy nostalgic strains, and some prefer a berry sweet kush.

Edibles Make For An Excellent Adventure

Edibles come in many styles and experiences. In legal Oregon everything from cookies to taffy, candies and even savory snacks are available. Herbal Grasslands offers a selection of edibles infused with either THC, CBD or a combination of both. Our OMMP patrons particularly enjoy the Baker Bros CBD Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies. This high CBD option is amazing for pain, fatigue, and any anxiety from a day spent in traffic. We also offer many toothsome treats for recreational patients. Check out our menu to learn more.

We Have Many Discrete Cannabis Dosing Options

Everyone loves a discrete dose. Whether your reason is visiting relatives or medical necessity, we have quality cartridges, batteries, and edible options for this Eclipse. One of our strongest varieties is the O.pen 1g Dr. Funk X Papaya Dabaratus. With over 87% THC, it will impress even the most seasoned smokers, and is an alternative for those who are sensitive to cannabis smoke. Our Sun God Hercules Sativa Capsules are another option for those seeking potent, elongated effects without the effort of rolling a joint.

What are your plans for an elevated eclipse? Let us know on Facebook, or stop by our dispensary to peruse!