Tasty Avitas Carts For a Productive Day

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Cannabis cartridges are amazing for when you need to medicate on the go, or if you would like an option without the burn. It can be hard to decide which kind of cartridge to choose with all the options available. Avitas is one of our budtender favorites, the smooth hitting Co2 oil a welcome reprieve from the ordinary. Our selection of Avitas has something for almost anyone, but here are our favorites below.

Durban Poison Cartridge THC: 72.9mg CBD: 1.3mg

The Durban Poison cartridge tastes like the real thing- sweet, piney and potent. This energetic cart is perfect for those who enjoy a productive high for their projects or to keep going on a grueling hike. Enjoy the focus of this tasty concentrate, the appetite suppressing effects lending to a great workout, or walk.

Pennywise Cart THC:THC: 40mg CBD: 26.1mg

Named after the high CBD indica strain Pennywise, this cartridge boasts a 2 to 1 ration of THC to CBD, making for a mellow, pain relieving body high for our OMMP patients, or for those who need a good night’s sleep. This cartridge is light enough for day use as well, soothing anxieties and providing stress relieving clarity for at home projects.

Strawberry Lemonade Cart THC: 67.2mg CBD: 2.7mg

Strawberry Lemonade is an amazing strain, winning the 2015 Denver High Times Cup Best Sativa Concentrate. Euphoric and uplifting it is amazing for endurance on a hard day with just a few puffs. Sweet, lemony-berry flavors come through in soft, smooth pulls. This cartridge is perfect for injecting a little summer into your day any time of year.

What are your favorite Avitas cartridges? We’d love to hear from you on Facebook, or at our Salem, Oregon cannabis dispensary.