3 Spectacular Sativa Strains For This Summer

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Indica, Hybrid or Sativa? Herbal Grasslands has a wonderful variety, but we have a special place in our hearts for Sativas. Usually much more energetic than other varieties, these strains are great for a day smoke, whether walking or working on a passion project. But what are the best Sativas to buy? Here’s a handy guide for a few of our favorites- tested by our budtenders!

Quantum Kush Flower

This very potent Sativa first hits you with an earthy, sweet, aroma- as if you were standing in an orchard in the morning. This bright green flower does equally well in bong, pipe or vaporizer.  Coming in at 26% THC, this is one of our more potent strains- and consequently provides amazing energy and focus for creative projects, or simply uplifting your day in the beginning of this hot summer.

Canna Tsu

Our Canna Tsu strain is great for recreational and medical patients alike. With less than 1% THC, and 17% CBD, it is an amazing strain for an energetic body buzz, without the head high. For our medical patients it can also help with pain, nausea, and many other conditions. It’s woody, spicy strain profile is truly delightful. This strain is great for an afternoon relaxing in the cool shade after a hot day, especially if you bring along a big glass of iced tea.

Strawberry GSC

A unique strain, not seen often in this cross, our Strawberry GSC is a tasty treat. Coming in at a fairly potent 22.1% THC, this fruity, earthy strain makes for beautiful buds for anything from a one hitter to a bong. Helping with appetite and pain, this strain will keep you going, even for a hike or walk on a long summer day. It’s also a perfect pairing with a fruit parfait, highlighting the strawberry flavors, and making for a euphoric picnic in the sun.

What is your favorite Sativa strain? Let us know on Facebook, or stop by our Salem, Oregon dispensary- we love hearing all about the newest strains.

Photo by Celeste.