Unique Karma Prerolls For A Hot Day

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Hot days are coming, and we are ready with our quality pre rolls. Karma farms produces great strains for the cannabis connoisseur that are just as potent and enjoyable for the beginner. Our pre rolls are amazing for almost anywhere, including your next soak in the bath, a walk, or even just as a relaxing end to your day. But which ones to choose? Check out our top three budtender favorites below.

Karma – Purple Avatar

With delicious purple- flower flavor, this pre-roll is great for relaxation, pain and is a soothing, strong smoke. Pair it with purple flavored fruit such as blueberries, blackberries or grapes for a contrast of terpenes that will set your mouth watering. This pre roll is also great for short laid-back walks through the woods, the leisurely pace perfectly matching this Indica dominant strain.

Karma- Moonshine

An uplifting strain, Moonshine hits you with its happy effects, leaving you with plenty of energy for the day whether you are just relaxing, or working on a personal project. This lemony, earthy pre roll is great with a nice cup of iced lemonade, and even makes household chores a breeze to work through. Elevate your day with this amazing strain from Karma, and feel the potent effects of this sativa inspiring you.

Karma – Candy Land

Candy Land sparkles with sugary trichomes, the sweet and earthy flavors coming through for a unique pre-roll experience. Turning any bad mood or anxiety into a sense of awe, this Sativa dominant hybrid has a little bit of everything to offer. From high soaring euphoria to the relaxation of the tensest muscles, this strain truly out performs what you expect from pre rolls. Try with your favorite sweet for a decadent experience.

What is your favorite pre roll from our Salem, Oregon dispensary? Let us know on Facebook, we love to hear your happy stories!

Photo by Jim.