Love Indicas? Check out these three strains at Herbal Grasslands

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Flower at our Salem location is always enjoyable- whether Sativa, Hybrid, or otherwise. However, many OMMP members have a preference for Indicas, as they provide a significant body high which helps with pain, nausea and anxiety. Indicas also come in a variety of colors- the famed purple buds of some providing a deep berry flavor that matches the feeling of Indica flower perfectly. Here are our top three of the moment.

Blackberry Kush

Everyone loves Kush, but have you had Blackberry Kush? It tastes of sweet berries and diesel, a perfect blend of its parents, Afgani and Blackberry. This layered flower is just as satisfying to smoke in a bong, as a pipe, and is very tasty in a vaporizer. Allow yourself to feel the cannabis move through your body, relaxing your muscles.

Blue Magoo

Blue Magoo, a popular favorite, marries blueberry aroma and flavor with a smooth and soothing smoke. This strain is very effective for body relief, without the torpid downpull of some Indicas. Great for creative energy, as well as for a relaxing midday smoke, it is great when paired with fruit pastries and tea.

Northern Wreck

Made by the legendary Northern Lights, and Train Wreck, this Indica is a potent dream. Euphoric and relaxed, it would be a great choice before you go to bed. The taste is reminiscent of the forest- earthy and piney, so end a hike with it, or have some while burning incense before a meditation, taking a trip deep trip into your mind.

Do you have any favorite Indicas? Let us know on Facebook, or at our Salem, Oregon dispensary.


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