Nature Walks, Silver Falls, and Herbal Grasslands

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For those of you who have never been to Silver Falls here in Salem, Oregon- you are missing a real treat. The Trail of Ten Falls in particular offers, as the name suggests, a spectacular view of ten different waterfalls. An 8.7 mile loops, this hike can also be shortened by taking an alternate trail- you can easily cut a few miles off if you are so inclined. But what Cannabis products to pick up on the way to or from the Falls? That’s where we come in with the finest selection of pre-rolls, flower, and concentrates in Salem.

Which pre-roll should I pick up?

Our half gram Gorilla Glue #4 Pre-roll is the most potent pre-roll we have, and is sure to give you that extra energy and relaxation you’ll need after a long hike. This piney, earthy strain is delight to smell, taste and puff on, and at 26.7% THC is also pretty powerful. Another of our favorite pre-rolls is the Primo Express Sativa, coming in at 23.4% THC. This strain will give you great energy and is a tasty compliment to any nature hike.

Vape Cartridges, Batteries and More

Our Golden Extracts GSC cartridge is a staff favorite, the tasty terpenes melting in your mouth and giving good energy without leaving the experienced Cannabis Connoisseur weighed down. Coming in at 63.3% THC, this cartridge is sure to satisfy. Looking for an Indica? Check out our incredibly potent Select Strains Obama Kush cartridge. At 81% THC, this cartridge is sure to do the trick, even for the most experienced cannabis consumer.

Edibles for the Experienced Adventurer

Looking for something to consume rather than puff? No problem. Our Salem, Oregon dispensary offers a selection of tasty treats just for you. Baker Bro’s Cranberry Walnut Cookies make our mouths water, and at just $15 a cookie, are a very reasonably priced purchase. Are you OMMP and looking for more CBD? Check out Baker Bros Chocolate PB Chip Cookies. The name itself is mouthwatering, and the CBD percentage more than gets the job done.

What are your favorite Cannabis products before and after a hike? Let us know on Facebook, we’d love to hear your choices. Want to look at our other choices? Check out our menu here.

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