Three Edibles To Stock Up On This Winter

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Looking for something new to brighten these dark, cold, snowy days? Our quality edibles are a great option for pain, anxiety, and taking the edge off the seasonal blues. But what to choose among the many options available at our Salem, Oregon dispensary? Here are three of our favorite products that our customers have raved about, and returned for time and time again. We warn you though, these may just become your favorite treats.

Ancient Herbs Coconut Caps

These Non-GMO and completely plant based capsules are a soothing treat for your system, especially in winter, where the lack of sun can leave many feeling tired, or drained of energy. These capsules help support a healthy endocannabinoid system, focusing on the terpenes, THC and many other pieces, tying together into a more complete, balanced cannabis experience. The capsule form makes dosing discrete as well as convenient, making these capsules a Herbal Grasslands favorite.

Bhomb Chelly’s Rec Jelly

A delicious gummy to bite into with a satisfying, smooth texture that will leave you desiring more. Bhomb Chelly’s delivers a consistent cannabis experience, the recreational edibles coming in at just under fifteen milligrams. Gluten Free and Fat Free, these naturally made gummies are also a great option for those with dietary restrictions, and are a comfortable treat, especially when divided into 5 milligram doses- for relative beginners to cannabis.

CBD Honey Sticks

With 20 mg of CBD per honey stick, and less than 1 milligram THC, this pain and nausea relieving edible is a great option for those looking for something different than a head high. The honey sticks are equally as delicious bitten into and slowly consumed, as well as a welcome addition to your tea, coffee, or even a berry smoothie! Our CBD Honey Sticks will make a peaceful addition to almost any day, whether morning, noon or night.

What is your favorite edible at Herbal Grasslands? Let us know on Facebook, or stop by and chat with our budtenders at our Salem, Oregon Dispensary.

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