Abiqua Falls: A Hike To Remember For The Experienced Adventurer

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Need a new hike?

Finding a good hike for the fall season can be hard. Moisture, the elements and erosion can change a usually hospitable hike into a misadventure. But, let’s say you are all packed with an emergency kit and other smart survival gear such as provisions, water, rope and otherwise. You have even read about the weather conditions in Salem, and now you just need to find a place to hike. You’ve already taken the Trail of Ten Falls, but want to try something new.

The hike to Abiqua Falls

So for the seasoned hiker in Oregon, we have a suggestion that will rock your day, and ends in one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Oregon: Abiqua Falls. As you drive down the trail to the falls, it is easy to get lost. Ask locals which roads to find the way, and take the dirt parking lot you see on your right if you didn’t bring a vehicle for heavy off-roading. Even if you did, be cautious. The rough roads have large potholes half the size of a small car, so don’t take a chance and park ahead.

After traversing the rocky path, and coming to a sign on the left that warns this is private property and at your own risk- you can begin to take the dirt trail down to the falls. This is quite the hike, so leave small children, anyone with health issues or a lack of stamina, and dogs behind. There are also very steep areas where ropes are helpfully hung so you have something to hold onto as you navigate your way down the steep path. You may be tempted to avoid them- but the ground is much steeper than it looks.

Watch your feet, this hike is steep.

For the best adventure make sure you have secure footing as you head down, and a hand on something steady as you climb, in case you slide. It’s quite the adventure, but with a little patience, and a lot of laughter, the experienced hiker can make their way down to the river, where they will head upstream, taking the path as possible, until they hear the roar of the waterfall.

The fall does not disappoint. Appearing from behind the boulders, this fall seems to come from a fantasy story. Shaped in a way that is reminiscent of an organ, it certainly does have an otherworldly splendor. Even when a half dozen people are scattered along the pebbled beach, the sense of spirituality, of remoteness, of relaxation permeates the spot. The formations in the rock walls nearby becoming temples long lost in the greenery.

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