Music Matchup: Pairing Our Strains with the Best Local Artists

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The connection between cannabis and music is an ancient and mysterious one. Whether you’re new to elevating your mood state with cannabis or have years of experience, the synchronicity that the right musical pairing offers is unparalleled. Enjoying the best experience here requires two things: excellent quality cannabis and tastefully selected music.

Match Up Your Taste in Music
When it comes to pairing music with cannabis, there are a few surefire classics you can always count on. You’ll never go wrong playing Pink Floyd or Sublime while you’re enjoying one of our smooth concentrates, but the local acts Oregon offers can give you a more authentic experience. Whether you’re into indie rock, hip hop, electronic music or any other music genre, Oregon’s local scene has something to offer you:

Goldini Bagwell—A member of the local Sandpeople crew, this MC’s “Smokers Jacket” series pairs perfectly with any Sativa in our collection. Songs like “Secondhand Smoke” cement Bagwell’s place in cannabis culture. For the best results, light up one of our Blue City Diesel joints or enjoy a bowl of Buddha Tahoe OG Kush Flower. Both of these strains help achieve the calm, assertive cool that Bagwell’s music exudes.
Us Lights—This futuristic quintet douses its music in reverb, synthesizers and a heavy plume of vapor. Propulsive bass lines give the band a distinct flavor that matches well with our more psychedelic flowers and concentrates. Try Barney’s LSD Flower and grab a pair of good headphones for these guys. For an even greater psychedelic effect, go for our Frosted Chunk hybrid concentrate and explore the private universe their music creates for you.
Galaxe—Nick Werth is a multi-instrumentalist who creates alternative hip hop under the name Galaxe. Atmospheric arrangements combined with live drumming make his concerts a spectacle to behold. Whether listening to Galaxe live or on the record, go for Blackberry Kush or Blue Cheese.
Divers—If you’re aching for revelry in the classic sense of the term, combine Diver’s debut album, “Hello Hello” with a strain that hearkens to the band’s roots. Beer, sweat and broken hearts are what this band is made of, and you can do well pairing them with an equally classic strain like AK-47 or OG Kush.
Lubec—If extra-loud shoegaze is your thing, grab some of our Purple Kush and head out to a Lubec concert. The band is recording its debut album as of early 2016, meaning you’ll have to make do with the three-song EP released so far.
bed.—These California transplants have an eclectic soundscape to offer, with 80’s indie-pop and grunge often seated surprisingly comfortably together. Hybrid music calls for hybrid cannabis; you can do well to enjoy the band’s debut EP with a bowl of Grey Wolf or Gobbstopper.

How To Choose The Right Strain For Your Taste
All of the suggestions above are based on the personal preferences of our team at Herbal Grasslands. The best way to arrive at these conclusions is through pure experimentation. Have a favorite album you can listen to a thousand times over? Try matching it up with an uplifting Sativa one day and a relaxing Indica the next. You’ll quickly find what matches best for you, and we’re here to help.

If you’ve got a combination you’re particularly proud of, we’d love to hear about it. Stop by our dispensary and let us know which strain you’d like to pair up. Also, check out our facebook for more news and relevant factoids.

The photo used in this blog came from this artist. Check out more of her work in the link above.