Beginners Guide to Milking, and Other Tips

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Beginners Guide to Milking, And Other Tips.

You’ve picked up your flower from our budtenders, and are at home with your new lighter, flower, and bong. This may be your first time trying cannabis. If so, what do you do next?

Break up your Cannabis.

While seasoned smokers may choose to use their hands in lieu of a grinder, or grinder card, beginners will have a much easier time with something that will break it up for you. Especially if you’re rolling a joint, or hitting a bong. Grinding up the flower ensures an even burn, and a smoother experience of the flower. Notice the terpenes- is there a mango, or a lemon flavor, (or smell.) Is it piney? These characteristics are more obvious when your flower is consumed correctly.  But how can you enjoy your cannabis, instead of having a harsher experience, especially with a waterpipe, or bong?

Milk The Bong?

The best way to enjoy premium cannabis, such as our Girl Scout Cookies, depends on you. Whether joint, vape, or otherwise, depends on preference. But when you hit a bong, there is a special way to accomplish this, without charring your flower preemptively, and losing THC along the way.

Load The Bowl

To milk a bong, you begin with premium cannabis. After breaking off a hunk, and placing it in your grinder (be careful not to touch your flowers too much as you can lose some of the gorgeous white trichomes), and picking out any stems, you need to load the bowl.

The easiest way to load a bowl, and stop yourself from losing flower, is to take a pinch and loosely shape it into a ball, allowing a seal of sorts to keep loose flower from falling through. After you have accomplished this, add more flower, being careful to clump it slightly so it is not overly loose. If you are alone, fill to the amount you will be smoking. This will save you from burning through more than you need to, as well as helping along the milking process. If there are more people, adjust accordingly. Don’t worry. You’ll develop your own rituals.

Light Up!

Next, light your lighter, or hemp rope, and turn it to the flower in your the bowl. Carefully light a small section of the bowl, and begin slow suction. Once small bits of the cannabis are glowing red, stop lighting. Continue suction on the bong, but in a slow manner. After a few seconds (for a standard small bong) lift the bowl clear and pull in the soft white smoke. (This is the “milking” part.)

You can continue to hit the lit bowl carefully, or light another section as you go. This process takes practice, but you will enjoy your bong experience much more as you master this skill.

Extra tips:

  • Be careful not to overfill your bong with water, and for the best experience, test run the suction a few times before adding flower. (You will know it is filled adequately, for the basic bong, if the water doesn’t wet you in the process.) This will decrease the likelihood that you will wet your cannabis.
  • Be careful to keep your water pipe in sight so you don’t accidentally knock it over.
  • Before you smoke, have a glass of water ready. You’ll thank yourself later.
  • For extra credit, add ice to your bong. It will cool the smoke, and make the experience even smoother.

So, are you a newcomer, a seasoned cannabis connoisseur, or something in between? Let us know on Facebook! We’ll be happy to answer any questions or comments you may have.