What’s with the New Website?

Herbal Grasslands Entertainment

A few weeks ago, two men with funny sunglasses approached Herbal Grasslands with a few short sentences. No one knows what these sentences were, or if they do, what order the words were in. It could be that the men with sunglasses were from the future, and made some pretty serious claims about where the Cannabis Industry was heading. It could be that they were aliens. It could also be that they had cookies with them, and a couple extra pairs of sunglasses.

“What do sunglasses have to do with anything?” you might ask. Well, it is summertime. The sun is bright. Sometimes you need some shade. Sunglasses also change your perspective. They can change the color of an ordinary environment, and make the world seem entirely different. This is exactly what Herbal Grasslands wanted.

Out of this set of unlikely circumstances, this new, fancy website was born. It has a visual organization that just makes Herbal Grasslands feel good. It also happens to take the work out of deciding on your next medicinal purchase. All in all, we are excited for the new changes, both in our website, as well as the industry. And the men with the shiny sunglasses are too.

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